Say Hello to the "New Niks-N-Bins"

Posted by Niks-N-Bins 01/11/2017 0 Comment(s)

Variety is spice of Life. This is the philosophy we follow at Niks n Bins. And this is the reason we thought it would be nice to bring a change in Niks-n-Bins as well. Our logo has looked the same for a while, so shaking things up a bit and making way for something new sounded like a good idea to our team. We’re stoked that our new identity is brighter and elegant. Over past 7 years, we strive to deliver best and unique products to you, because that’s the core of why we exist. We are poised to bring about many more smiles into your lives.


But on a serious note… in less than 7 years, Niks-N-Bins has become one of the favourite Brand in Bandhani, Home and Kitchen and Cosmetics category only. We’ve achieved this position through a series of initiatives and innovations which have enhanced its core capabilities.


The new Niks-N-Bins logo and site design imbibes the cultural values of intensity and inclusiveness which have helped us to develop market and consumer solutions to achieve the success and leadership that it has.


And if you’re wondering why is the change happening now? In the words of our CEO, Khyati Ashar:

We believe the time is right to infuse freshness into our brand and make our identity reflect our values and ethos. We are confident that this promise will be further strengthened through our brand identity change. It is a representation of who we have become today and how we are well on our path to further dominate the home and beauty segment.

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